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Welcome to the Back in Business USA Affiliate Program — we’re excited to have you as a part of our team! With your help, we can help more companies to stay safe. You’re helping us surviving the pandemy!
Let us help you be successful as an affiliate. With this Affiliate-site, you’ll find tools and tips to make the most of your affiliate efforts. We encourage you to use this JV account as a reference as you begin promoting.

We offer Back in Business Blueprint  with a minimum affiliate fee of 75%. We also have an order bump product Video Master Course Back in Business Blueprint and an One Time Offer product back in Business GOLD.

 After you did the hard work and a person becomes a paying customer, our job isn’t done!   

We focus on customer retention just as much as you focus on lead generation. 

Because happy customers are more likely to share great brand experiences with their family and friends. These loyal customers become advocates for our brand and they have the power to drive more leads for us.

Our sales funnel model.

The new marketing funnel

As soon as your prospect becomes a paid customer, we start to create a deeper relationship between the customer and us. We ask feedback from them and apply it to content across all the marketing funnel stages. 

With the use of the Aweber email automation platform, we can move people through our funnel toward advocacy.

Automation features allow us to give each customer the content, information, or products they need when they need it most. It personalizes their experience in all areas of the funnel.

For every customer, we start a 90 days email marketing campaign. Because the product lines are closely related together, is it possible to optimize the sales per customer for us (up to $ 302).

Back in

What do we offer:

Along the way, if you have any questions or concerns, contact us anytime.

We look forward to working with you.
Best regards,
Ari van Gool & Wout Otte



The reason ClickBank love us is because we don’t treat affiliates like 2nd class citizens. If you have been in the affiliate business for any length of time you will know what I mean by that.

We make sure affiliates have what they need and we look after affiliates where other sites don’t even have the courtesy to reply to them.

We have everything you need to start earning substantial affiliate commissions by promoting OnlineYouthProtection. 

    • A ready made affiliate website just for you!  
    • Updated images and graphics
    • An Affiliate Starter kit (great SEO tips)
    • Lots of content for social media

The best part is not just how easy it is to get started and making money with OnlineYouthProtection but the fact that you get to really change a persons life for the better. OnlineYouthProtection is the number one program for helping parents to keep their Teens and Tweens safe online! 

Come join the OnlineYouthProtection family and lets do some amazing work together.

If you  haven’t joined ClickBank yet, Please check out this article  to assist you with your affiliate sign up.

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My avatar’s name is Fred.

Fred is a struggling, SME entrepeneur who dreams of becoming a Entrepeneur who ownes a good profitable company.

Currently, Fred‘s focus is on the profit of his company.

Ultimately, Fred really wants to have a company that provides him with enough income even after his retirement.

Right this minute, Fred would be ecstatic if he could make more profit.

Unfortunately, Fred still needs to figure out how to Reduce the cost and increase the sales.

Fred is also really frustrated by the fact that he doesn’t know how to analyze his company and business.

Plus, he still needs the answer to this question before he can move forward: “How do I increase the profit of my company?

Fred is also still hung up on the idea that Competition is hard and the costs are already low.

In fact, when it comes to the profit of his company, he is convinced that competitors of his company actually want him to FAIL.

When all is said and done, Fred just wants to live the dream lifestyle of a successful entrepeneur.

To help Fred I would invite him to check out my Ecourse, Advice Wizards, so he can knowledge how to improve the profitably of his company without having problems to find a (not existing) solution to pay everyone every week.

What makes this even better?

He‘ll start to see results in as little as within 4 weeks!

Here’s exactly what Fred will get with the Advice Wizards Ecourse

Operational business plan ($XXX Value)
This Plan makes it easy to give you the solution of your financial problem with your company, No worries if you can generate enough income and pay all the bills of your company, and enjoy being a succesfull entrepeneur and a proud family.




Ebooks for Back in Business

Overcome Obstacles

Do you ever feel like you are constantly faced with obstacles that you have to overcome?

As the old saying goes, life isn’t fair.

Still, there is another equally as popular and correct old saying: the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

Overcoming obstacles isn’t as hard as it may seem. In fact, psychology tells us that overcoming any obstacle is mostly in our minds. What this means is that we have to get the right mindset and motivations about the obstacle.

The good news is, we have created an informative yet easy to read guide that will help you change your relationship with obstacles so that you can transform them into success.

Evergreen Green Lead Business


More than just proven techniques and blueprint on lead generation, Evergreen Lead Business is a complete, no holds barred guide that will propel you to the next level of your business – any business to be exact, in the least amount of time. 

In fact, if you follow what is distilled inside religiously…

  • You’ll be able to start and scale any business from zero to any level you desire. 
  •  You’ll be able to work from anywhere you like and spend as little as 4 hours a week maintaining your highly profitable business 
  •  Or be able to keep your beloved job while running a profitable business on the side that beats your salary

The only real problem you would have is that you take what you learn inside yet do nothing about it! 

If you’re serious about change and taking your business to the next level, then this is it.



Facebook pixel: The Facebook pixel provides important information you can use to create better Facebook ads, and better target your ads. Facebook tracking pixel data helps ensure your ads are seen by the people who are most likely to take your desired action. This allows you to improve your Facebook ad conversion rate and get better ROI.

We facilitate on our sales pages your Facebook Pixel. Just email us a request to place your pixel on our pitch pages.

We also provide you Facebook Adds graphics. Adds text and banners. Please click on the buttons below.



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