Welcome to the BiB. "Get your business back-on-track SWOT-course​"

Welcome to the bac-19. get your business back-on-track SWOT-course

As we all see and experience the pandemic is taking its toll on economies worldwide but it seems to hit businesses in the US even harder.

But if history has taught us one thing it is that in the valley of every economic wave there are chances waiting to get back on top of the wave and surf into prosperity.

We are here to help you to identify and pick these fruits of opportunities and we have the tools for you to make it happen.

And the best of it all is that you can do it yourself without having to pay a big consultancy fee which puts even more pressure on your business


Especially for small businesses like yours we have made a selection of internationally used & acknowledged management and consultancy practices that can help you identify, examine and improve the issues that are effecting your company the most in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic.

To keep it simple and accessible we have morphed these consultancy formulas into special bac-19. quick & dirty tools which are easy to understand and easy to use.

You start with our bac-19. SWOT-analysis of your company.

With this tool you start to identify the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats that are all there within your enterprise.

After this stage of identification we can bring you to the next level where we can hand you the outstanding bac-19. tools to examine and improve the issues that you have identified.

After all, we are not just offering your operation the possibility of surviving the pandemic, it is much more than that. What bac-19. is really offering is the opportunity for you to find the “golden ticket”. Just imagine that you can ride the covid-19 wave, survive & grow, what might be possible when things will get back to normal…

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Part 1 strengths (SWOT)

SWOT Analysis
Progress 25%

Welcome to the first part of the bac-19. SWOT analysis which is all about finding out the Strengths that are already there within your company.

This exercise is a well-used consultancy tool that big companies use to stand still and identify which positive powers gives their operation the right to exist, are these strengths distinctively different from their competitors, are the right strengths emphasized to push the company forward.

All this knowledge and opportunity is lying dormant within your business and bac-19. can help you tap in to that, especially now during the pandemic

Part 2 weaknesses (SWOT)

SWOT Analysis
Progress 50%

Welcome to the second part of the bac-19. SWOT analysis which is all about identifying the weaknesses inside your company.

Consultancy agencies and managements all over the world do this kind of exercises, to wake themselves up because it doesn’t matter how well your business is doing, weaknesses are always present.

However knowing what they are is the first step to minimize their effect and even try to make them work for you


Part 3 Opportunities (SWOT)

SWOT Analysis
Progress 75%

Welcome to the third part of the bac-19. SWOT analysis which is all about getting to trace the opportunities in your enterprise. Big time consultant companies do this all the time, asking and researching their clients to highlight the windows of opportunities they come across. For example your company might be focusing (as most companies) on maintaining/improving its main profit-driver, while with less effort and a little tweaking a minor cost-driver could have a greater effect.

That is what bac-19. is here for, to help you change your angle of perspective, to show you that even in these dark covid-19 times there are still opportunities waiting to be discovered

Part 4 Threats (SWOT)

SWOT Analysis
Progress 100%

Welcome to the fourth part of the bac-19. SWOT analysis, the threats.

Now this is nothing to worry about because “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles” ( Sun Tzu,  The Art of War). The special tools that bac-19. has created will help you to not only know your own business better, but also to stay ahead of the game and identify internal and external threads which all can boost the immediate and/or circumstantial economic effects of the covid-19 pandemic.